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  1. Black Heart

Black Heart is the first song in an EP I'm going to be recording over the next year. Please like and subscribe if you enjoy what you hear and want to follow the progress of the EP.

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"I turn away
I can't look at your now
I won't make the same mistakes
That's why I'm keeping you out

So don't tell me that you're better now than before
When I all that I see is your black heart
I'm not spending my energy
On something I already defeated long ago

I remember how those days taste
Blood inside my mouth
and all of those signs saying
Telling me to get out
I was just too afraid to believe in the truth
Those empty years
I gave them all to you

So I'm taking those days
and I'm pushing it down
Until all that remains
is an empty shell

but I tell myself that's better now than before
As long as I silence your black heart
and I burn those memories
Now what you were to me is gone

I remember how those days felt
Crawling in my skin
Like a spider and it won't let me in
to get at those cobwebs surrounding my bones
Hush little spider, be gone"

~ Written, Engineered and Performed by Chad Jordan